Circular Economy

Our Business Model

| Refurbishment, remanufacturing & recycling

Our Business Model

Refurbishment, remanufacturing & recycling

How do we do it?

We maximise our performance to support the Circular Economy. To protect our resources and to reduce waste, pollution and emissions, we are diverting thousands of RDCs from waste-stream, which we remanufacture instead! We design for longevity, extend life of our products and are local to you. Remanufacture your RDCs and support the Circular Economy. 



                                                         The Circular Business Model , The Bond Group

Circular Economy (CE) is an economic and industrial system, in which resources are kept in use for as long as possible. The circularity of our products is achieved by extending their length of functioning time and later by their regeneration - refurbishment or remanufacture, and material recovery at the end of their lifecycle.

Circular Economy is an alternative to a traditionally practiced linear economy, followed since the early days of Industrial Revolution, where products are made, used and disposed at the end on their life. This path of production causes an extensive use of resources, energy in particular, which has a colossal impact on our environment and economy.