Circular Economy

Environmental Collaboration

| We are developing a Circular Economy with London South Bank University!

Environmental Collaboration

We are developing a Circular Economy with London South Bank University!

This project is a PhD research study, which is the sixth successive environmental collaboration between London South Bank University and the Bond Group, who have previously supported a number of PhD and KTP projects and studies alongside the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) , Innovate UK and the Technology Strategy Board (TSB). 

The Bond Group is the first manufacturer of retail refrigeration equipment in the UK to attempt to fully implement the principles of a Circular Economy into our business model. Our involvement, as major industry players, has allowed this project to gain a critical insight into the retail refrigeration sector, with focus on the challenges and opportunities of becoming circular. This project is also supported by academic and industry experts across a number of interrelated fields, such as product design, engineering, refrigeration, marketing and psychology.

London South Bank University and the Bond Group are aiming to engage all parties involved in retail refrigeration sector, including Grocery Retailers, Manufacturers, Policy Makers, Research Comities and Academics. This will allow the project to drive change within the refrigeration industry by laying the foundations of a novel, industry specific Circular Economy framework, that could also be used to pioneer change in other industries.


The Circular Economy Team


Zaneta Muranko

Zaneta is a Product Design Engineer who graduated at London South Bank University. She is currently working in collaboration with The Bond Group and London South Bank University on a PhD in Engineering. Her research interests centre on the Circular Economy, with a strong focus on the sustainable design, engineering and manufacture. 

Contact: [email protected]

ImageDr Deborah Andrews 

Deborah's research expertise includes Sustainable product design and manufacture, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and carbon foot printing and The Circular Economy. She has worked with the Bond Group for 6 years and is directing this project.

    Image Dr Issa Chear

Issa is a senior academic and active researcher with interests in energy conversion and energy management including refrigeration, alternative and renewable technologies, life cycle assessment and novel techniques to reduce energy demand and carbon emission within the engineering sector.