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With our impressive track record for supplying our products to some of the biggest names around, such as Sainsbury’s, Coca-Cola, The Co-operative, Morrisons and SPAR, the Bond Group has experience, technology and expertise as a market leader.

Our highly skilled personnel work meticulously from the early concept stages through to manufacture, constructing all parts under one roof, using the latest technologies and fully testing products. We use CO2, R407f and other hydrocarbons during the testing phase and this all takes place in our specially designed test cells which have been built to EN23953 standards and specifications

We also provide an extremely high standard of technological input through the use of the very best 3D/CAD - CAM software. Our engineers use this to supply our clients with an artistic impression of the cabinet during the concept stage, and it can even be placed into a store background or multi-plexed together with other cabinets in order to really capture the authenticity.  



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