Eco Dallas 70 Plus Cabinet

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Eco Dallas 70 Plus:



1250, 1875, 2500, 3750

Temperature Range
M0 (-1?C to +4?C)

ECA Approved

Eco Dallas range is the Bond Group’s most energy efficient cabinet range and this reflected with whole range is available on the ECA scheme.

Reduce your energy bills by opting for Eco Dallas range, saving 40% on the standard product. The Eco Dallas range is available in sliding or hinged door systems. This full M0 cabinet can be used to refrigerate any type of product.

As part of the circular economy the production of new cabinets is aligned to the Bond Group’s remanufacturing heritage. All cabinets are designed in our purpose built design centre to be remanufactured using long life materials in the base of the cabinet and durable parts.